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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Healthy Eating Habits!

Healthy Eating Habits for Your Children

These days, kids are faced with so many choices when it comes to different things, especially food. Food choices matter so much, because these have a big impact on their growth and development. Also, one of the things they will bring with them until they grow up is the ability to make healthy food choices. It’s a skill your children need throughout their lives, and the best time to get them started on healthy eating is now.

That’s why we’ll help you help your children make all the right food choices. We have some practical tips and ideas for you on modeling good eating habits, dealing with picky eaters, preparing nutritious snacks, and more. Learn all about teaching healthy eating to your kids in fun and delicious ways this month.


As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. He likes the things you like and does the things you do. He follows your example and takes your lead in many things – and one of them is eating. This month, we’ll show you how you can model healthy eating habits for your child. These three simple ways can make a major, positive impact on how your child chooses what to eat.

This month of October, we’ll help you teach healthy eating to your kids in two fun and easy ways. We’ll show you how they can be your little kitchen helpers and how you can feed them with information on good nutrition. Plus, we’ve come up with a list of websites where they can play educational online games that teach them how to make healthy food choices.

Some kids go through a picky-eating phase. They prefer to eat their favorite food for days on end over the healthy dishes that you prepare for them. But proper nutrition means getting vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from a variety of healthy foods. That’s why this month, we’ll help you guide your child towards a balanced diet. These easy things that you can do are simply all about exciting their interest in other kinds of food and letting them explore different tastes.
Source -  Nestle Singapore